Crypto 300 Club

Crypto 300 Club is new safe online investment program

It’s very important to know that Crypto 300 Club is an official legitimate clone of well known ACX crypto program. It’s a new investment program launched just few days ago but with all the expert’s background, knowledge and experiences of ACX crypto staff.

The same way as McDonald’s has a franchise system, also Ad Click Xpress formed their own. Crypto 300 club is the first franchise or clone of the program. Everyone with high enough financial resources can now purchase a franchise – look for details.

You can see at the link above that every new clone owner must pay a lot of money and organise own team – the same way as every new NcDonald’s restaurant owner must do at the beginning. Every new owner receives the rights for the clone, all support and guidance to build a successful business and to offer already proved crypto trading services.
Crypto 300 Club
We already added a post for this program on our site before we created this page. Look at it and return back here.

It’s very important that Crypto 300 Club is an secure place which gives you and leadership of the company all support. It gives support for success based on already proved formula. Ad Click Xpress team has developed the program for several years. It gives you profits based on crypto currency trading.

When you are one of the first joining the program …

You can still be one of the first …

Is this an advantage for you?

Yes. Especially when you want to promote the program and earn good from commissions. We all know that only few percent of the population want to jump in such programs fast. Everyone would like to get some leaders in team. Leaders are able to recruit and guide people to success.

Because of your early start you can recruit a lot of leaders. Do you know some of them? Then contact them as soon as possible via phone, email or social networking sites. Post your link as soon as possible on some forums, social networking pages …

Also if you want just invest in Crypto 300 Club …

And earn from interests, early start can bring you great results. When we are writing this, there is limited time offer (September 18th, 2018) – lifetime 2% daily on all purchases. But only for short time. If you decide to spend 50$ or 500$, this will bring you good earnings. You can quicker raise your earnings later by repurchasing or … Your investment can be faster back on your Bitcoin wallet.

It’s your decision what to do, of course.

What did we decide to do?

We know exactly how Ad Click Xpress with their Ad packs works. Therefore we have a little bit of advantage here. We know that they process withdrawal requests. We know that they pay out only 1% daily and they make much more profits. They make 5% or more daily profits on average but up to 30% a day. Crypto currency trading can make a lot of profits but only if you know what you do.

Let’s be honest here. We know only that crypto market exists (as most of the people). Because of this we need experts on our side. But in most cases to enter into crypto trading a person must have quite a lot of money, right?

We give you here this info so that also you can start making money in Crypto 300 Club also with 10$. Because of low crypto packs prices everyone can start.

New Crypto 300 Club

Crypto 300 Club We are going to start with small investment here. Why? Simply because we must spend more money to earn the same (explained later).

We know that there is a special limited time offer for 2% lifelong earnings now. Therefore we are going to withdraw newly earned money from Ad Click Xpress now and buy crypto packages in new clone.

Main Ad Click Xpress

When this special offer ends, we are going to continue by growing our income with inside repurchasing in both programs. When special offer ends and the earnings are 1% daily on both websites, it’s better for us (and you) to make more purchases on old Ad Click Xpress trading platform. Why?

Because everyone have or can get access to old “Basic Wallet funds”. When you purchase these funds at 90% or bigger discounts, you can purchase packs cheaper. Yes, you read right!
We (and you) can purchase 10$ of these funds for just 1$ and then use them. Whenever we make new purchase of Ad pack, we purchase it with 5% discount.

Take the time to think about the program. We (and you can) make profits from crypto trading experts make. We make money from crypto currency market – completely legitimate. Whenever we make new repurchase from our earnings we compound our interests. When we use this compounding factor our earnings grow exponentially.

Therefore each discount we can receive gives us possibility for faster growing of our weekly – monthly profits.


Let’s say a person want to start with 10 packs in ACX Crypto. These discounts are only in main program NOT in clones.

Sign up in ACX Crypto

Then this person:

  1. make 96$ funding with Bitcoin.
  2. with 1$ makes purchase of 10$ Basic Wallet funds.
  3.  afterwards 10 Ad packages can be purchased for just 95$
  4. by every next repurchase (compounding interests) Basic Wallet funds are used
  5. Every 10 days and less later new repurchase can be made.

We decided to continue to grow our profits by using both programs. Whenever conditions will be better in one of them, we will repurchase more in that one. But we are going to repurchase – compound our interests in both of the programs.

Does Crypto 300 Club also compound interests?

It is very appropriate question.

Yes! Ad Click Xpress and Crypto 300 Club experts also compound their interests. If members are able to do this, also trading experts must have this option. But how?

If you read everything, you might already know the answer.

Crypto 300 Club Members receive “only” 1% daily earnings.

Trading experts make 5% or more on average daily. Some days profits can be very big – 30% for example and some days can be also losses. Therefore an average is given.

When experts have more money for trading from week to week, they can also make more profits with trading. We get their effect of compounding interests with this.

We’re changing our website …

During next few weeks / months you will see changes on our website. We already moved to new theme and removed access to some articles – services from sidebar because we do not offer them any more.